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Mould Cooling Baffles

Are you looking for superior quality Mould Cooling Baffles? Quick delivery available. Mould Cooling Baffles exporter and suppliers. 

  • Mould Cooling Baffles redirect the coolant flow into areas that would normally lack cooling.
  • Straight and Spiral Type Cooling Baffles Available
  • Raw <material: Brass

Seller: Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

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Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools manufacturing and exporting high quality Mould Cooling Baffles worldwide.

Mould Cooling Baffles Supplier

Straight type Cooling Baffles is useful in area of mould which can’t be cooled successfully by ordinary cooling channels may require the utilization of confounds. Confounds occupy the coolant stream into zones that would ordinarily need cooling. An astound is a cooling framework segment which is developed by embedding a metal plate in the cooling channels. The plate powers the coolant to stream up one side of the puzzle and down the other. The confound intrudes on the stream in the cooling channels making turbulence around twists which enhances the warmth exchange capacity of the coolant.

Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Mould Cooling Baffles in India. These products are manufactured from high-quality materials that are long lasting and hard wearing, and produce excellent results. Materials are sourced from trusted and reliable vendors and are manufactured at our manufacturing unit using latest machineries in compliance with industry quality standards to meet the requirements of the Dies & Mould Tools Industries.

Mould Cooling Baffles with various options and different sizes are available with us. Contact Us at + (91) 932 406 1804. If you need Any Assistance in selecting products that fits your requirement, please fill an Enquiry Form for Detailed Product Information.

Mould Cooling Baffles Latest Price

Mould Cooling Baffles Latest Price: ____________ Rs/pc

*Prices shown above are provisional prices and may change due to different market conditions. To know the latest prices please Contact Us at + (91) 932 406 1804 or you can send an enquiry through the Enquiry Form and get the final price within hours. `

Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools is one of the trusted suppliers of Dies & Mould Tools products from India and our prices are very competitive. Please request the updated price list and ready stock information along with your requirement. Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools maintains a stock of all standard items and can export them at the best price.

Specifications of Mould Cooling Baffles

Best price:
Company Name: Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools.
Category: Mould Cooling Products
Product Name: Mould Cooling Baffles
Types: Straight and Spiral Type Cooling Baffles Available
Applications: Dies & Mould Industrial Applications
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 pcs
Packaging: Carton packaging / As per client’s requirement.

Note: Looking for something specific? Customisation is also available with the above products. Please specify in the Enquire now page.

Applications/Uses of Mould Cooling Baffles

Mould Cooling Baffles redirect the coolant flow into areas that would normally lack cooling. Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools’ Mould Cooling Baffles have numerous applications in the Engineering industry all around the world and are used in the moulding and die-casting industry to meet different industrial applications.

Mould Cooling Baffles
Looking for something specific? Customization is available with
above product. Please specify in the
For More Details
Mould Cooling Baffles
Looking for something specific? Customization is available with above product. Please specify in the...
For More Details

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