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Injection Molding Ejector Pins

Injection molding involves injecting molten plastic in a metal mold to assume the shape of the mold. Therefore, Ejector pin injection molding involves the removal of completed parts from the die molds. Injection molds are built such that when they are opened, the A-side half is lifted, leaving the formed part and the B-side. When cooling of the molten material in the mold, both parts of the metal mold are detached to permit for the elimination of the solid plastic. 

Injection Molding Design Deliberations

An error in the design may result in the cracking or shrinking of part, prove too costly or too tasking to remedy. An injection mold design must be such that it functions as planned. 

The Features /Advantages Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools’ Ejector Pins:      

  • Ejector pins are used to apply a force to eject a part from the mould.
  • Annealed and finished heads permit easy machining.
  • Made from premium Hardened Steel.
  • Core hardness minimizes bending.
  • Non-chipping surface treatment alleviates flashing and minimizes nicking & dishing 
  • Centreless ground D diameter and Final finish minimizes wear and prolongs pin life.
  • Lower quality pins damage the mould if there is a failure. 
  • Selecting pins are critical to choose a high-quality pin that matches the application (more info on this below). 
  • Ejector pins are usually used on the B-Side mould half mounted to the moving side of the moulding machine. 
  • Once the mould is opened, the pins will extend into the mould cavity by the movement of the ejector plate, push the part out, and then retract, allowing the mould to close and be refilled.
  • Available in materials like High Speed Steel, Hardened Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Ejector pins an integral component of the ejection system in mold determining the final outcome of products in an injection molding process. The addition of ejector pin injection molding to manufacturing processes in injection moulding has improved production speed, automated operations, and ensured more efficient products and thus improved consistency in the designs of products. 

Ejector pins are located on the B-side half of a mold and they push the formed part out of the mold. The pin mark of an ejector mold is imprinted on finished products as a dent. Notwithstanding the improvement of manufacturing processes by injection molding, there are, however, many flaws in its design that need to be improved. Therefore, we need to optimize its design to have more effective products.

Types of Ejector Pins

  • Case Hardened Ejector Pins
  • Through-Hard Ejector Pins
  • Black Ejector Pins

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Ejector Pins Products offered by Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

Ejector Pins Products - Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

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