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What are the colour codes of die springs?

All die springs are colour coded according to their respective standards. The colour code represents the load that can be placed on the die spring at a certain percentage of compression. Until now there are three different scales of colour codes. The colour codes of the ISO stamp springs, the colour codes of the JISS die springs and the colour codes of the American die springs.

How do I select the right die spring?

It is quite confusing that each standard has a different colour coding from the other standards. To avoid this confusion, TEVEMA only uses the die spring loads. In addition, we measure the American die springs at 1,000 compressions per hour, while the spring travel of the ISO 10243 die springs is shown per 1.5 million compressions. The JIS B5012 B die springs are calculated on a spring travel at one million compressions, the percentages are recorded to the decimal point in the JIS B5012. Furthermore, ISO 10243 die springs are the only die springs that can handle an ultra and hyper heavy load at 1.5 million compressions.

What is Difference in Die springs?

All the die sets of ISO, JIS and US springs are manufactured for the optimal lifetime. The JIS die springs are made from trapezoid wire crossing. The ISO-die springs are made from rectangular wire. Both ensure a long service life and high spring performance for high loads. The high quality round wire die springs are made with careful engineering for these springs, it is recommended to apply a minimum preload of 5% of the free length to ensure longer service life and higher spring performance.

What are the applications of Die Springs?

Die springs earn their name from their use in punch press die sets, where die sets provide pressure to hold the target material in place while the press perforates the substrate. If the die set where to provide no yield to the punch, the punch could be damaged; if it were to provide too much yield, the material would not be perforated. Die springs occasionally find use in transportation and agricultural industries.

Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools manufacturing and exporting high quality Die Springs worldwide.

Die Springs Products offered by Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

Die Springs for Load Bearing Products - Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

About Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools

Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools offers a comprehensive line of Die Springs functionally designed and manufactures a complete line of industrial die springs in both oil-tempered and chrome-alloy materials. Die springs are used primarily in die machinery, and also in well-suited for many industrial applications where high-static or shock-load stresses are required, or when maximum cycle-life is important. 

The Features Vardhman Dies & Mould Tools’ Die springs:      

  • Manufactured with rectangular wire instead of its circular counterparts.
  • High force compression springs specially designed to handle extreme environmental stress.
  • Strong concentrated hybrid versions of compression springs.
  • Decreased load-loss compared to traditional compression springs. 
  • Handle temperatures up to 475 degrees. 
  • Extra resistance to environmental stresses gives greater strength.
  • Can take a higher load when required, approximately 30% more than a standard compression spring.
  • Extensively used in plastic mould industries include clutches, brakes and heavy machinery applications.

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